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Antbox N5V2 Upgrade: NEC 2020 Safety & Compliance

Ensuring Safe and Compliant Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin mining is more than just algorithms and profits; it’s also about keeping your operations safe and compliant. At Kaboomracks, we’re all about helping you meet the National Electrical Code (NEC) standards while optimizing your mining hardware. In this article, we’ll break down NEC compliance, introduce the Antbox N5V2 solution, explain the benefits, and guide you through an easy upgrade process for a secure and compliant mining future.

Understanding NEC Compliance

The National Electrical Code (NEC) is like a rulebook for electrical safety in the US. Updated yearly, it outlines guidelines to ensure safe electrical installations. But it’s not a one-size-fits-all deal. Different states adopt different versions at different times, making things a bit tricky. For example, Minnesota and Pennsylvania use NEC 2020 code, whereas Texas uses 2017 NEC code.

The Problem and Our Solution

Understanding NEC Compliance: NEC compliance is essential not just to avoid fines but also to protect your investments and ensure people’s safety. Let’s take a closer look at how the rules changed between the 2017 and 2020 NEC guidelines.

AntboxN5V2’s 2017 Design: The AntboxN5V2 was originally designed to meet the NEC 2017 regulations. But how can electricians or inspectors bring it up to 2020 standards? One key concern is the ARM switch on the Antbox, as mentioned in NEC code 240.67. This part needs to be updated with a different component. Additionally, the spacing between the breaker and the racks should be adjusted to meet the service entry rating.

Understanding the Code: Both Sections 240.67 and 240.87 now require the “arc energy reduction protection system” to undergo a performance test during installation, using either primary current injection testing or another approved method. However, the 2020 update introduced a new requirement for an instantaneous trip setting. It’s important to note that you can no longer temporarily adjust this setting to reduce arc flash potential.

What Does This Mean for You? In simpler terms, under the 2017 code, electricians could adjust breaker settings to reduce the risk of arc flash using the breaker’s built-in settings. But in the 2020 update, it’s clear that you must use an ARM switch or fuses for this purpose.

Benefits of Antbox N5V2

The Antbox N5V2 doesn’t just check the NEC 2017 box. With built-in disconnects, breakers, racks, PDUs, and switches, it’s not only safer but also easily adaptable for NEC 2020 standards. These internal features make maintenance and upgrades a breeze and boost overall safety.

Upgrading for NEC 2020 Compliance Made Easy

Upgrading your Antbox for NEC 2020 compliance might sound complicated, but it’s simpler than you think. Kaboomracks offers an all-inclusive upgrade kit that not only meets the latest codes but also optimizes performance for Noark breakers. Only a few components are required to bring your Antbox up to NEC 2020 code, and our installation guide makes the process hassle-free.

Effortless Installation

Worried about the installation process? Don’t be. Our step-by-step guide breaks it down, making the upgrade a smooth experience. Depending on your familiarity, you’ll be up and running with your upgraded Antbox in just a few hours.






Unlocking Exclusive Benefits

As a distributor for Noark, a respected electrical components manufacturer, Kaboomracks provides you with unique access to premium components. Noark products are not directly available to end-users, but through us, you can access them at prices below the MSRP price. At a single, affordable cost, Kaboomracks offers you all the components needed to upgrade your panel to NEC 2020 compliance, along with detailed instructions on how to perform the installations and other required modifications to the container.

Secure Your Compliance Upgrade Now

Don’t wait until your hardware becomes a compliance liability or a safety hazard. Contact our sales team today to secure your upgrade kit and installation instructions. If you prefer not to handle the installation yourself, we can collaborate with your electrician to ensure the upgrades are executed seamlessly. By teaming up with Kaboomracks, you’re ensuring your Bitcoin mining operations are safe, compliant, and set for success in this evolving industry.

Conclusion: A Safer and Compliant Mining Future

Staying compliant isn’t just a box to tick – it’s a strategy for a secure mining future. Upgrading your Antbox with Kaboomracks upgrade kit is a smart move that ensures safety, compliance, and a solid footing in the mining landscape. Let’s work together to keep your operations running safely and successfully.