As a buyer, once we’ve received payment on your invoice, we will provide the shipping information and details regarding your freight or parcel. Notification and updates about your shipment will be provided to the customer via email and text message. Customers can also use the tracking information provided to keep track of their shipping status from our trusted third-party shipping service provider. If we need to ship a part of the equipment or a replacement unit as part of the warranty we apply a credit memo for the return to the invoice to the equivalent sum of $0.


After the purchase order is completed and the estimated value of the equipment is agreed upon by the seller and a Kaboomracks sales member, we will issue out a shipping label along with documentation for properly packaging the equipment. The customer can then decide to personally drop off the equipment at the third-party shipping facility or request to schedule a pickup at a date and location of their choice


The reconciliation process for returning includes receiving documentation in reference to correctly packaging the equipment. Next, we will issue the customer a return label to have the equipment shipped back to Kaboomracks. Depending on the quantity of the order, the customer can drop off the package at the designated third-party shipping location determined by the return label sent to you. Or the customer can be notified by the third-party shipping service provider for a scheduled pickup for returning at a location of their choice. Once the equipment has been physically received by Kaboomracks, we will then create a credit memo or issue your fund to your designated bank account.

Time Critical Shipment

In any instance where the customer order is delayed, for example, the purchase order is incomplete, Kaboomracks will prioritize shipping the customer order once completed in a swift and timely manner. The customer will be notified at every step of the process.


Kaboomracks also offers its shipping services to customers, functioning as a freight broker. We can ship our clients’ equipment to and from where they need it to go. If a customer wants to utilize our shipping services, contact a member of our sales team and provide the necessary information to being the process.

Receiving and Accepting

Signing for a delivery

  • The person receiving the product should sign the receiving documents provided by the shipping company.
  • The person receiving the delivery should inspect the items before signing the receipt and should also initial the Bill of Lading (BOL).


Examining the products that have been delivered to determine conformance to the purchase specifications. Check how many pieces you are receiving. If you are expecting to receive 30 boxes on one pallet, make sure you receive all 30 boxes. If you only receive 29 boxes, make note of this on the BOL so that a claim for the missing box will be approved.

  1. Inspect the packaging and items inside the shipment – Does it look intact? If it does not look intact, MAKE A NOTE ON THE BOL.
  2. Check inside each box for cracked, dented, or broken items. Even if boxes look undamaged, ask the freight shipping driver to allow some time for you to inspect missing or damaged parts of your shipment.
  3. If the shipment is visibly and severely damaged, you may refuse it. The carrier will take it back to the terminal, and we will have the opportunity to ship it back to our warehouse for free so our team can inspect it before filing a claim.
  4. Legibly sign and print your name on the BOL. The carrier needs to know who received the freight, and an ineligible signature will not suffice. This could cause problems with claim filings in the future.

Refusing Delivery

  • Significant damage to the shipment. For example, a steel part is noticeably bent over, cracked fans or there is obvious damage that is a repairable part and will affect the product’s function. You have the right to refuse the shipment.
  • Take photos of the damaged shipment on the truck and email them to customer service.
  • Have the driver make notes of the damage on the bill of lading. Indicate the shipment is “Damaged and Refused.” The truck driver will try to get you to sign the bill of lading and leave the shipment, but once the shipment is delivered and signed the driver no longer has any responsibility for it.
Noting the shipment abnormalities on the bill of lading before signing for the shipment will help if there is concealed damage and a freight claim needs to be filed.
Make a note on the BOL of any irregularities of the shipment packaging. For example, stretch wrap is torn, pallet cones are crushed, skid has broken boards, scratches on the product, etc.
Freight carriers limit the amount of time you have to file a freight claim. Please contact customer service within 48 hours of delivery for additional assistance. Please provide photos and any other relevant information in regard to the delivery, shipment packaging, and product condition.
Don’t be rushed! If the shipment looks to be in satisfactory condition, but you are unsure if there could be concealed damage and the driver pressures you to sign for the shipment please write on the bill of lading “Subject to Inspection. Driver Refuses to Wait.”


Acknowledging that the products and/or goods conform to the requirements of the purchase order. Shipments are considered “accepted” when the customer acknowledges the receipt by signing the BOL and does not have a quality or delivery issue at the time of delivery.

Pickup Locally

Please contact @kaboomracksNick or @kaboomracksRobert to schedule a date and time for pickup at least one business day in advance. You will only be allowed to book a time for in-person pickup once the goods are confirmed ready to be dispatched.

We will require a photo of the ID of the person or driver who will be picking up in order to schedule a pickup time. That person will need to bring their ID with them when picking up. Additionally, we will also provide you a pickup code, that the person picking will need to know to be allowed to pick up the goods.

We will send you a Google Calendar invitation for the date/time as confirmation of your upcoming visit. Our address is 2848 W. Sweetwater Ave. Ste 2 Phoenix, AZ 85029. Our available hours to meet clients are M-F, 11:00 am to 4:00 pm. Upon arrival, please call Brian Thaxton: +1 (602) 344-9005. Please give us a heads up when you are on the way.

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