Selling Your Mining Equipment

Brokerage Services

The information on this page is related to our mining brokerage services. If you would like to browse and/or purchase items, you may do so from our storefront.

How it works

Step 1

Contact a member of our sales team to express you have an interest in listing your equipment with us.

Step 2

After you’ve made contact with a member of our sales team, you will need to register an account. If you are a returning vendor, you do not need to register again. After you’ve completed your registration, you will receive an email confirmation. Click here to register an account with us.

Step 3

Once you’ve completed the account registration, a sales team member will create a purchase order after an agreed estimated value of the equipment has been made.

Step 4

Next, you will receive information and instructions from a member of our shipping department regarding pickup and delivery.

Step 5

Finally, fill out and complete a W-9 form to complete the transaction and receive payment.

Purchase Order and Value Estimation

A member from our sales team will create a purchase order for the equipment you which to sell. The Kaboomracks sales member will then determine the estimated value of the equipment, which you will have the opportunity to agree upon. Once the agreed value of the equipment is estimated, Kaboomracks will initiate the shipping process.

Shipping and Receiving

We select the best option and modes of transport for your freight options and or parcel needs. Kaboomracks partners with various carriers to ensure your product arrives on time and safely. You will be notified via email and or text message of every step along the way. We ensure that the process is simple and transparent. For more details about the shipping and receiving process click here.

Do you have any questions?

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