Braiins BCB 100 Control Board for S19 (New)


Braiins BCB 100 Control Board for S19

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The BCB 100 with Braiins OS+ supports mining on Braiins Pool (with 0% fees) or any other pool (fees subject to other pool providers’ charges).

By streamlining the implementation of Braiins OS+ in your mining operation, the BCB 100 increases the ROI of your mining operations.

Pre-Installed with BraiinsOS  firmware, which has been running on over 200,000 devices for the last five years,
Braiins OS+ enables the user to unlock the hidden capabilities of your device that the manufacturer doesn’t want you to access through their stock firmware.

Say goodbye to compatibility issues experienced with other control boards and get Braiins OS+ on the most popular S19 series models.
Effortless setup, as simple as swapping out any supported S19 series control boards and powering on your miner.
Supports the majority of Bitmain Antminer S19 series devices


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