Product Warranty & Disclaimer

Product Warranty & Disclaimer

Guide to preparing a warranty claim return

1. Consolidate

We need you to disassemble the miners and consolidate the faulty components (Hashboards, Controllers, Fans, PSU’s, etc.) into complete units.

For example —
3 qty. miners each with one bad Hashboard, can be consolidated into one miner with all three bad Hashboards.

In order for you to receive a replacement(s) or a refund for the unit purchase price, we must receive complete unit(s) back. Even if this means some of the components in your return are still functional. All parts including Control Boards, PSU’s, Chassis, Hashboards, etc. must be included in your unit(s) for return. (You must obtain written approval to send individual parts back to Kaboomracks Inc.)

2. Confirmation​

After you have completed consolidation, please notify us with the following information:

A) How many consolidated faulty unit(s) are you returning?

B) Will you be using the original shipping boxes you received to ship your return?

C) If not, please provide the size of the return box including the weight, and use our Non-Standard Packing Guide to ensure proper protection of your returned items(s).

Note: Please be sure to enclose your equipment with an ample amount of non-static packing filler and bubble wrap to safeguard your return from damage.

IMPORTANT: Please let us know within 3 business days the required information in Step 2.

3. Payment​

After receiving your shipment information in step 2, Kaboomracks will provide at no charge to you, shipping labels to affix on the outside of each return box.
Once you receive your return label(s) you have 5 days to drop your return package(s) off at a local designated carrier shipping location.
After 7 days, if the carrier has not received your return package, your warranty will automatically close and no further warranty replacement(s) or refund will be offered. So please promptly ship back the faulty unit(s).

4. Return package received at Kaboomracks warehouse.​

Upon receipt of your return, we will send a replacement shipment of tested working equipment back to you, or we may refund you (It is at our discretion whether we refund you for the purchase price of the unit or repair/replace the faulty equipment). Tracking will be provided once the return has shipped.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us on your Telegram chat with Kaboomracks or email

Packaging of the whole machine

When packaging it is recommended to use the packing method with the power supply facing down (for all-in-one machines).
Follow these steps please:
A. Place the foam at the bottom of the carton.
B. Pack the carton with the power supply facing down.
C. Pay attention to the orientation of the carton when loading, as shown in figure below.

The packaging should contain adequate upper and lower foam cushioning, which can provide good protection.

When returning use 5cm thick foam to cover the entire bottom, and sides of the shipping box and then pack the carton. Use more foam to secure the top. You can use 5/16 size anti-static bubble wrap to add cushioning materials in the 8 corners of the miner.

Tip: Grab the box and give it a little shake. If there is any shifting of the miner, you should use more packing materials to secure it into place.

Imagine the carrier using your package as a basketball in an NBA playoff game. Your package will go through such handling on its journey back, so pack accordingly please! 😊

Note: Please pay attention to the thickness of the packaging materials and the protection of the upper and lower bottom positions of the product when packaging. Since the edges and corners of the miner are relatively sharp, the packaging material of bubble wrap type may puncture or tear through. Please use extra protection in these vulnerable areas. Thank you

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