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S19 Firmware FAQ

What is the Dev Fee?


What does the firmware do?

The aftermarket firmware we distribute allows you to gain more control over your S19 by being able to change the voltage of the chips, which allows for overlocking, underclocking, and overall increased performance.

Other benefits include compatibility with modified power supplies, and immersion settings, so that you can remove the fans.

What models are supported?

Right now, all variations of the T19/S19 are supported, except if they have AM logic control boards (A Mirco USB port, instead of Micro SD), and S19a models.

Does it have autotune?

Autotune is in the development pipeline. There are overclocking presets, as well as the ability to manually tune your machine.

Check out our video on how to manually tune:

What Size Micro SD card do I need to run it?

You will need a Micro SD card that is 16gb or smaller. The preferred size is 8gb.

What increase in hashrate can I expect from the firmware?

It really varies based on model. We have found that S19j Pros are the best for overclocking. One of the biggest determiners for overclocking capabilities is the power that you can run through the power supply. On the APW12, you shouldn’t exceed much more than 3800w. We have been able to achieve up to 140TH on air, and up to 180TH in immersion with a 104TH S19J Pro. Those numbers are definitely pushing the machine quite a bit and were using a modified power supply, so we tend to suggest running them at 3600-3800w with the stock power supply depending on what you want.

What efficiency gains do you get from Underclocking the machines?

We haven’t explored this much as we are in a bull market and are chasing hashrate but the firmware gives you a ton of room to experiment with tuning individual chips through lowering voltage.

Why I might want to Overclock my Machine?

Overclocking your machine means that you get more hashrate, which also means you will have to deploy less equipment to reach your power consumption/hashrate goals. With newer equipment coming out, it allows you to acquire equipment at a lower cost and get a higher hashrate. Firmware for the newer machines being released will most likely take a while to develop.

Does Aftermarket Firmware Void my Warranty?

Technically yes.

Is there any trace of the firmware if I remove the SD Card?

No. When you remove the SD Card, it reverts back to stock firmware. This is super convenient if you want to revert back to the base firmware.

Things to consider before overclocking:

When overclocking, you will be drawing a lot more power, so you will need to make sure that your infrastructure can handle it. People have blown up transformers and melted power cords.

Overclocking has the ability to damage your machine, so it’s important you understand the limits of what your power supply can safely handle. The firmware we distribute has been thoroughly tested, but is important that you understand what you are doing as you begin to deploy it.

What is the Password?

The firmware password is “admin”, if “root” doesn’t work.

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