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S19 Control Boards and Aftermarket Firmware Explained

A lot of miners are looking to aftermarket firmware right now in order to try and gain efficiency as their margins are getting squeezed. One of the challenges facing customers when buying a S19 is that they will not know what type of control board they are receiving when ordering their machine. There are three different control boards that that come on S19 and 1 of those three control boards is not supported by aftermarket firmware.

The AM Logic Control board is not supported by aftermarket firmware

For individuals buying a S19, this creates a problem. Individuals who want to mine in immersion need to be able to disable the fans, and often times want to overclock (which base firmware does not allow). Until Vnish and Braiins release support for the AM Logic board, miners are in a bind.

Kaboomracks has two solutions to this. When you buy machines from us, we offer a service to replace the AM Logic control boards with a control board of your choice. We also sell control boards on our parts store.

The S19 has been a popular choice due to having superior efficiency than the M30S and aftermarket firmware support.

The S19 XP does not have aftermarket firmware support yet at the time of the publishing of this article.