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How to Install Kaboomracks Firmware on your S19

Notes: Dev fees are 3%

Supported models include T19, S19, S19 Pro, S19J, and S19J Pro. Firmware is not yet supported for the S19 and S19a models with Micro USB.

You can both read this article and check out the YouTube video that goes along with it.

Step 1:

Buy an 8GB Micro SD card. If the Micro SD card is larger than 8GB, it may not work.

Or receive a free Micro SD card from us with the firmware already installed by filling out this form:

If you receive the SD card from us, skip steps 1-4.

Step 2:

Format Micro SD card to Fat 32.

Step 3:

Download specific miner firmware.

Make sure that the firmware you download is consistent with the model of S19 you have, as well as the type of control board your miner has. For example, if you have an S19 J Pro, make sure you download the S19 J Pro firmware. The two types are Beagle Boards and Xilinx boards. The firmware link to download will specify whether it is a Beagle Board by have “bb” in the link title.

An S19 with a Beagle Bone Board will require you to take off the top cover. Make sure to wait for at least 5 minutes before touching the bus bars. You will not have to remove them for any reason in this process, but they can be mistakenly touched which could give you a pretty serious shock.

The Xilinx board on the other hand does not require you to remove the top as it does have a Micro SD card slot on the front.

Step 4:

Use an application such as Balena Etcher to flash the firmware onto the Micro SD card.

Step 5:

Plug the Micro SD card into the Micro SD Slot and turn it on.

Step 6:

Enjoy the new firmware!

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