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What is firmware?
Firmware is the operating system that runs your miner. Aftermarket firmware opens the door for more control regarding immersion settings, overclocking, chip tuning, and underclocking. You will have more control over the operating system of your machine.
Why do you need firmware?
You can use firmware to increase the efficiency of your machines. If you are running your machines in immersion, it's almost imperative that you are running them using firmware because it allows you to overclock and disable the fans. In an extremely heated environment (95F/35C and over), you can underclock to lower the temperature of your machine.
How does it work?
Aftermarket firmware builds off the base firmware to allow you to have more control over your machine. Firmware developers find exploits in the manufacturers' designs to enable you to load it on. The firmware will “jailbreak” your machine, thus providing you with more control over your machine’s performance.
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S19 Firmware FAQ
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