Frequently Asked Questions

Who we are

We are devoted to providing the highest quality of miner sourcing services in a timely and professional manner. Our highest aim is to make purchasing new mining equipment an easy experience for our clients.

What payment methods do you accept?

Bank Wire Transfer
Wire transfer instructions can be found on your invoice, or by clicking here. An in-person appointment may be required from your local bank to make a wire transfer if you can’t complete the transfer online.

Note: Please be aware that wire transfer fees can sometimes be up to $45 USD. To avoid the fees, try our ACH payment method which has $0 in fees.

ACH payment
ACH payment can be made from your bank or through a form we will provide you from Bill.com. An ACH payment has $0 fees and uses your bank account number and bank routing number to make a payment, which takes 3 business days to clear.

Bank of America Transfer
If you have a Bank of America account, you can make a free, instant payment via direct transfer to our Kaboomracks Bank of America account. The limit for this payment option is higher than with Zelle. See our Bank of America account info here.

Note: Log into your Bank of America account and locate the Transfer tab. Select “To someone’s BofA’s account.”

For customers outside the United States, we accept payments with TransferWise. Transferwise uses an ACH payment method to complete the transaction, therefore be prepared to provide your account information when using this service.

Please make your check payable to “Kaboomracks Inc.” Checks can be mailed to:

Kaboomracks Inc
12333 Sowden Rd Ste B #80432
Houston, TX 77080
United States of America

Note: Mailed-in checks are the slowest method of payment and are not strongly recommended. If you decide to mail a check, please send it through USPS Priority Mail Express for next-day delivery.

What ‘s the condition of the miners?

Grades for Used Equipment (below)

Brand New in Boxes
Equipment is in unopened, original packaging from the manufacturer.

Used, Like New: A+
Equipment was unboxed from Original Packaging, but 1) has never been turned on, 2) is still free of dust, debris, and residue, and 3) has been re-boxed back into Original Packaging with serials on boxes matching the Equipment.

Used in Excellent Condition with Original Packaging: A
Equipment was turned on, ("used"), but is free of rust, dust, debris, and residue. Equipment was either run in clean data center conditions, or has been disassembled, cleaned, and reassembled. In Original Packaging with serials on boxes matching the equipment. All the components have been inspected and any non-performance either repaired, replaced, or disclosed.

Used in Excellent Condition: A-
Same as A except not in original packaging from the manufacturer.

Used in Good Condition with Original Packaging: B+
Equipment was turned on, ("used"), and has been dusted to remove clumps of dust and dirt. Free of rust. May still have a thin layer of dust or residue to the touch. All the components (fans, boards, chips, controllers, etc.) have been inspected and any non-performance either repaired, replaced, or disclosed. Verified to run stably. In original packaging, however, serials may or may not match.

Used in Good Condition: B
Same as B+ except not in Original Packaging at all.

Used in Working Condition: B-
Equipment was turned on, ("used"), and all the components have been inspected and any non-performance either repaired, replaced, or disclosed. Verified to run stably. Although components have been inspected, they have not been cleaned. May still contain clumps of dirt and dust in the folds of the boards and heat sinks.

Used in Unverified but Warrantied Condition: C
Equipment was turned on, ("used"), and equipment has neither been inspected nor cleaned. Any non-working components are still eligible for our warranty. Equipment may still contain clumps of dirt and dust in the folds of the boards and heat sinks.

Can I hire a company to handle shipping or pickup the equipment myself?

Please contact Nick @kaboomracksNick or Robert @kaboomracksCEO to schedule a date and time for pickup at least one business day in advance. You will only be allowed to book a time for in-person pickup once the goods are confirmed ready to be dispatched.

We will require a photo of the ID of the person or driver who will be picking up in order to schedule a pickup time. That person will need to bring their ID with them when picking up. Additionally, we will also provide you a pickup code, that the person picking will need to know to be allowed to pick up the goods.

We will send you a Google Calendar invitation for the date/time as confirmation of your upcoming visit. Our address is 23015 N 15th Ave, Suite 103, Phoenix, AZ 85027. Our available hours to meet clients are M-F, 11:00 am to 4:00 pm. Upon arrival, please call, Brian Thaxton: +1 (602) 344-9005. Please give us a heads up when you are on the way

— please give us a heads up when you are on the way
— local pickup is subject to Arizona State Sales Tax. The applicable tax rate is 8.6%
— The easiest way to pay on the spot would be USDC ERC20, USDT ERC20, or BTC. We will require confirmed payment before allowing pickup of the goods. Zelle also may be a workable option if value of your purchase is less than your Zelle sending limit. It would be best if you could make payment at least a business day before your visit (if making a wire); we can offer a live video tour showing your the Equipment you are purchasing.

— If you are hiring a carrier to pickup while you are here, then we will need a BOL at least 1 day in advance of your visit.
— you will be expected to sign a packing slip for the Products you are buying as confirmation that you have picked up the goods.
— once the goods are in your or your carrier's possession, any damage that may be caused to them by the carrier is your liability

Is there a warranty for used miners?

Yes! Click here to see our warranty page for more information

How does the refurbishing of used miners work?

We procure miners from operators around the country, then run them through our refurbishing process. At Kaboomracks, we thoroughly clean, inspect, and test miners before sending them out.

How long does it take Kaboomracks to process my order?

Estimate: 1-3 days depending on volume. (Circle Back) It depends on how much money we make.

How do I receive a bulk order if I live in a residential neighborhood

Shipping freight to a residential address and sometimes incur additional fees that will be assessed at the time of dispatch.
Fees such as residential delivery charges and liftgate charges.

How do I sell miners to Kaboomracks?

View our Selling page here!

Do you buy miners that do not work?

Yes. Often times we can

Do you have any questions?

We are here to answer it!