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Kaboomracks Mining Solutions
Facility Design
Our team will design your mine to scale with the correct measurements of equipment you want to use.
Source Equipment
Our relationship with manufacturers and vendors will fast-track your ability to obtain all required equipment.
Our team can be onsite before and during the deployment for a smooth transition and training.
Our Services
Customized solutions based on your needs

With years of design and mining experience, we work with your team to provide custom solutions at any scale. We can help you define the scope of the infrastructure you want to build. You think it, we see it through!

Designing with Intention

Our team will work with you to determine what you need.
We use Computer-Aided Design (CAD) to do modeling, analysis, and optimization before production begins.

Engineering with Vision

Utilize our knowledge and experience to make this process
run as smoothly as possible. We want to see you succeed.

Your one-stop-shop for setup, deploying, and managing your facility

Resources Our team can oversee the allocation of materials and resources required for the project from beginning to end. You can benefit from our reputable and extensive relationship with numerous vendors within the industry. Additionally, you will have exclusive access to our internal network of suppliers.


Kaboomracks makes asset acquisition simple. We work with leading industry partners to source all necessary equipment for your deployment. From power cables to PDUs, transformers, and ASICs, Kaboomracks will provide the best possible solutions for your deployment.


Optimized facilities allow operators to maximize hash rate while minimizing headaches and downtime. Kaboomracks has professionals with expertise in facility optimization, networking, miner deployment, and ASIC management. We advise and train your team for success.


Having a team of knowledgeable individuals at the creation of your facility usually isn’t a reality. Kaboomracks supplements your team to help you become fully operational and efficient more quickly. We train your team to develop their skills and ensure they understand how the facility works. Whether onsite or remote, Kaboomracks has the knowledge you need to succeed.

What software will I need
to manage everything?
What type of transformer
do I need?
At what temperature should
the room run?
How many miners can I fit
on a rack or in a tank?
You don't have to be an expert at everything.
Do what you do best, let us handle the rest.
Project Management
Kaboomracks works closely with you to design and build your project on time and on budget.
We do this by establishing clear goals and developing a comprehensive
solution based on your requirements.
Meet the Team
Andy Tran
Design Engineer
Alex Dischinger
Research and Development
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